I am trying to find articles and advertisements about the Stanley Brothers performances in Germany as part of the 1966 American Folk & Country Music tour.

March 4, 1966 - Hamburg, West Germany: Musikhalle

March 5, 1966 - Nurnberg, West Germany: Lessing-Theater

March 6, 1966 - Kaiserslautern – Fruchthalle

March 8, 1966 - Dusseldorf, West Germany: Rheinhalle

March 9, 1966 - Gießen: Kongresshalle

March 10, 1966 - Koln: Gurzenich

March 12, 1966 - Frankfurt-Hochst: Jahrhunderthalle

March 13, 1966 - Berlin, West Germany: Uraniahaus

March 17, 1966 - Bremen, West Germany

March 18, 1966 - Munchen, West Germany

I have located some items on-line. But, it seems that the majority of items are on microfilm of newspapers at various libraries. Do you know of any bluegrass fans in the cities of the tour who might be willing to visit their local libraries to look up information? If so, perhaps you could send me their contact information and I could make the request to them?

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